Grand Larceny

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Jamaica »

Thief Steals $50K Antique Ring From 90-Year-Old Woman and Sells it for $50

A pawn shop owner contacted police, who returned the heirloom engagement ring to the elderly woman.

Great Kills »

Man Convicted of Stonewall Inn Beating Arrested for Stealing Watch: Police

Christopher Orlando, 21, was arrested for stealing and pawning a friend's watch.

Mariners Harbor »

Men Arrested for Shooting 21-Year-Old in Staten Island Apartment Building

Montreal Tillman and Bilal Curry were arrested for the shooting on Dec. 8, prosecutors said.

Hell's Kitchen & Clinton »

Man's Laptop Stolen By Thief He Brought Home After Night Out, Police Say

The man woke up to find his belongings, worth more than $2,700, had been stolen, police said.

Greenwich Village »

Drunk Woman Steals Idling Taxi in Greenwich Village, Police Say

The woman blew a .229 on a blood-alcohol content test after she was caught with stolen cab, NYPD said.

Mariners Harbor »

Woman Finds Lost Credit Card and Tries to Buy Pizza With It, Police Say

The woman found a wallet and used a card that was inside at Little Caesars Pizza, police said.

Morrisania »

Stolen Cross Returning to South Bronx Church

A five-foot crucifix had been taken from St. Anthony of Padua Church on Wednesday.

Lenox Hill »

Stylish Duo Steals Nearly $60K in Clothes From UES Boutiques, Police Say

The well-dressed thieves hit Five Story, Intermix and Roberto Cavalli, the NYPD said.

Meatpacking District »

Disorderly Men Arrested Outside Standard Hotel

Standard Hotel staff had asked the men to leave because they were screaming and yelling, police said.

Chelsea »

Man Loses $12K Watch After Leaving It on Locker Room Bench, Police Say

When the man returned to the Crunch Gym locker room for his watch, it was gone, police said.

Jamaica »

Woman Scammed Out of $8K Through Instagram Job Hoax, Police Say

The woman said she was promised a job via Instagram.

Chelsea »

Duane Reade Employee Gets Shoplifter to Return Some Items He Tried to Steal

Four men stole diabetes test strips and antacids from the Duane Reade at 180 W. 20th St., police said.

Pelham Parkway »

Thief Steals $1,500 After Taking 75-Year-Old Woman's Wallet, Police Say

A thief used a woman's account information to get money from two Pelham Parkway banks, police said.

Hell's Kitchen & Clinton »

Man Steals 70-Year-Old Woman's Car After Accident, Police Say

A man stole a 2008 Toyota Solara while the owner assessed damages from a prior accident, police said.

Red Hook »

Crimes on the Rise at Red Hook Ikea, Police Say

The Swedish chain saw a dozen major crimes between January and September this year, records show.