6 Things for You to Do in New York City's Neighborhoods This Weekend

A new look Cooper Hewitt and a huge gingerbread house are among this week's picks.

NYPD Precincts Across City Cancel Their Holiday Parties Amid Protests

At least two-thirds of the city's precincts have canceled their holiday parties, a source said.

NYU Picks 9/11 Museum Architect to Design New Building in Village

NYU announced the architects who will design the first part of the university's Village expansion plan.

25 Percent of Office Holiday Parties in New York City Are Duds, Study Says

A Seamless study finds that 42 percent of companies spend $25 or less on each employee.

Meet the Real Estate Brokers Who Closed Deals in Every Borough

Why are brokers who've done deals in all five boroughs so rare? Hear from the EGOTs of NYC real estate.

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